Former City of Newburgh mayor Mary Crabb passes away at 69

NEWBURGH – Mary Crabb, who succeeded her late husband Tyrone as mayor of Newburgh in 2000, died last Thursday night. She was 69.

She collapsed in the yard of her Clinton Street home, and neighbors called 911, according to police Chief Michael Ferrara.

Crabb, who was a candidate for the Orange County Legislature, apparently died of natural causes, although the precise cause of death is unknown.

Crabb took over as mayor following Tyrone Crabb’s death in 2000. He had been elected mayor but never got to serve as he died just days before being sworn in. Mary Crabb was appointed to fill the mayor’s post until a special election the next fall. She lost that race.

\”I am saddened to hear about the sudden passing of my good friend, Mary Crabb\”, said Town of Chester Supervisor Steve Neuhaus. \”She was a wonderful woman and tireless advocate for the City of Newburgh. My prayers and sympathies go out to her family.\”

The Crabb family had gathered a few months ago in March for the ground breaking ceremony for a city park in Tyrone Crabb’s honor. The park is just a block from the family house.


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