Expanding Stewart Airport

Dear Editor,

“The airports of New York’s Downstate region are the gateways to our state and the nation, and they are vital to our economic health. We have to ensure their viability, and the Port Authority is the right entity to move us forward.”
“As I stated in my inaugural address, the expansion of Stewart Airport is a critical component of the continued growth of the Hudson Valley. The Port Authority’s action recently recognizes that vision and will create a major economic engine for the region with positive results reaching far beyond the Hudson Valley. The passenger growth at New York\’s three metropolitan airports is climbing at historic rates and anyone who travels can tell you we are facing serious capacity challenges. We will continue to make major investments at JFK, Newark and LaGuardia but eventually we are simply going to run out of room. Stewart International Airport will provide much needed relief for our three major airports, greatly reduce delays, and help us prepare for inevitable population and passenger growth.”

Eliot Spitzer
New York State Governor

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