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Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Lefr: New Windsor resident, Evelyn Torres, is among a growing number of people who has extended her family with a furry friend in the wake of the pandemic. Right: Town of Newburgh resident, Joyce Pemberton Smith got her dog, Blitz, about 11 years ago, by her side all the time, and has been a priceless companion during this unsettling pandemic.

Now More than Ever, Pet Ownership a Lifesaver

By Jennifer L. WarrenNEW WINDSOR - Sometimes plans change abruptly, but things end up working out perfectly.Evelyn Torres had it figured out. She had...
A few dogs and cats tested positive for Covid-19 in Hong Kong, but experts don’t think these animals can spread it to humans. Photo: Muhannad Alatawi, Pexels.

Can Our Pets Get Sick from the Coronavirus, Then Pass it...

Dear EarthTalk: Can our pets get sick from the coronavirus too, and can they pass it along to people?- J.M., Bridgeport, CTGiven that Covid-19...