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Story of First Mixed-Race Woman in Royal Family

“Invisible Queen,” a book written by Dr. Stephanie E. Myers, and published by R.J. Myers Publishing Company, a minority-owned small business in Washington, D.C., is being promoted during 2018 Black History Month. “Invisible Queen”...

Trailblazing US Ambassador Reflects on Life

NEW YORK - After a four-decades-long career at the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Service including being appointed as U.S. Ambassador to Senegal in 2000, Harriet Lee Elam-Thomas is now looking back on her...

Multiracial Character in New Picture Book

Melissa Martin’s debut picture book was launched September 1, 2017 by Free Spirit Publishing and features a multiracial family. Through bright and talkative Tessie, Martin delivers practical ways for children to open their ears...

The Dream is Lost: Voting Rights and Politics

LEXINGTON, KY - In 1971, civil rights activist Curtis Holt Sr. walked into a federal office in Richmond, Virginia, and filed a suit against the city under the authority of the Voting Rights Act...
An African Story: The Marriage’ is a profound, thought-provoking and raw look at love, set through a periscope of historical Africa.

Historical Romance Novel Sees Love, Betrayal and Wisdom Collide

When most new publishers open their doors, their debut release is a safe and often unassuming title; one that allows them to test the literary waters without ever rocking the boat. However, for Nadine...