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Multiracial Character in New Picture Book

Melissa Martin’s debut picture book was launched September 1, 2017 by Free Spirit Publishing and features a multiracial family. Through bright and talkative Tessie, Martin delivers practical ways for children to open their ears...

The Dream is Lost: Voting Rights and Politics

LEXINGTON, KY - In 1971, civil rights activist Curtis Holt Sr. walked into a federal office in Richmond, Virginia, and filed a suit against the city under the authority of the Voting Rights Act...
An African Story: The Marriage’ is a profound, thought-provoking and raw look at love, set through a periscope of historical Africa.

Historical Romance Novel Sees Love, Betrayal and Wisdom Collide

When most new publishers open their doors, their debut release is a safe and often unassuming title; one that allows them to test the literary waters without ever rocking the boat. However, for Nadine...
Various products such as powerline adapters (left), tri-band wireless routers (top), and gigabit switches (right) from a reliable manufacturer like NETGEAR, can improve the quality of the network in your environment. It’s important to examine the current equipment being utilized, in order to make the right upgrades to your network infrastructure.

Improving Small Office and Home Networks

By Samuel Wilson Often times, the network infrastructure that our devices connect to, is overlooked. In order to optimize the connectivity between the devices on a network, it’s a good idea to make sure the...
Pre-built vertical gardening solutions like the Garden Tower 2, gives users the ability to grow 50 plants in a small footprint, without having to design and build a custom unit or structure. Photo: Samuel Wilson

Is there a Way to Grow More Plants in my Growing Area?

By Samuel Wilson One of the many challenges growers face, is dealing with space limitations. Not everyone has a bunch of space or land to grow on, so it’s important to utilize as much of...