Did the U.S. plan a false flag attack?

By Chris Stevenson

How much do we really know about the disaster whose code-name bears resemblance to the national emergency hotline 911? We have already seen and generally agree that the Iraqi invasion, and subsequent insurgents’ war was based on completely false and slanderous pretexts. You don’t have to be a conspiracy nut to realize that the Bush Administration lied about the weapons of mass destruction, the question is, just how deep does this corruption go? If you fear what is evidently the world’s most dangerous demonic symbol; the question mark, then my advice to you is to stop reading this column. Continue viewing the distractions provided for you; the Flavor Flav show, Springer, the Wire, Judge Judas, American Idolatry, Everybody Hates normal black boys, Cheaters, Liars, Lick Hitters or whatever. Independent thinkers please read on.

If you remember, it was being said that the “world’s no. 1 terrorist,” Osama bin Laden died of a severe case of Typhoid in August of ‘06. Late in ‘05 the New York Times reported that the CIA closed its Alec station during that year and reassigned employees to other posts in the counterintelligence center. This was the station that since 9/11 directed all of it’s operations to hunting bin Laden. Of course this was far from being the first rumor of bin Laden’s death, I am no more convinced of his death than I believe the Bush Administration really wanted to find or kill him. One blogger put it best, “maybe Bush doesn’t want to find him because his war powers end if bin Laden is captured or killed.”

Why else would “W” pull out of Afghanistan on 2/02 and place his spec-ops in Iraq two months after invading Afghanistan? The president followed that up by saying bin Laden was no longer a primary target. What? A man accused of killing thousands of American citizens in one fell swoop in New York, no longer a primary target? Hmmm. Makes me wonder, just how much do we really know about 9-1-1, 9/11? Is there cause for speculation that the World Trade Center attacks were engineered by any other party than al Qaeda, or by outside forces facilitating al Qaeda, forces within the US? And if so, what more can we expect from such a vile sinister administration?

Last summer I received emails that claimed that one of the Bush Administration’s plans for starting a war with Iran was the bombing a US aircraft carrier and sinking it in order to make it look as if the Iranians did it, giving the US an immediate pretext to invasion. At that time the USS Enterprise was to be sunk, with the Israelis actually pulling the trigger. Reportedly this was all in the works along with a US counterstrike, a complicit democratic Congress, and higher gas prices, until a leak put a stop to it. This is known as a false flag attack, some may wonder if this country’s leaders are truly capable of such a scheme, but inside jobs have laced US wars since the ‘60’s.

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