Governor Spitzer ignores the needs of New York

Dear Editor:

Where does Governor Spitzer come off bullying, lying, threatening and employing \”Gestapo\” methods in his efforts to gain \”absolute power\” over the people of this State?

It is obvious from the many reports of steamroller tactics in dealing with members of the legislature and his latest investigation of Senator Bruno in particular, that he has a problem! Perhaps anger management classes would be in order! It is unthinkable that the Governor of New York State would call the Majority Leader of the New York State Senate \”a senile, old piece of s—\”! He is vindictive and dangerous. How pathetic that the people of New York were taken in by his promises that he would improve our quality of life from day one. More empty promises! Exactly what has he accomplished except to divide the legislative body even more!

In my book, he is a spoiled, rich, egotistical male version of Paris Hilton, who thinks nothing can touch him! Well, I believe the citizens of this State are too smart to put up with this. Wake up New Yorkers! Let’s get our State back. Let everyone know how you feel. If we don’t fight back, we can end up like Nazi Germany with storm troopers at our doorstep.


Sandra J. Argenio

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