Assemblywoman honors local volunteer personnel

Dear Editor:

One who risks their life every day in order to help a neighbor in need – to me that is the definition of a hero. We must be impressed by the selfless acts demonstrated by volunteer firefighters and emergency medical personnel who sacrifice their time to better the communities in which they live and work. Their commitment to public service should be recognized and commended more frequently.

Recently I attended the Goshen Volunteer Ambulance Corps 30th Annual Awards Dinner and was impressed with this group’s dedication to saving lives and caring for those in need. I don’t want these brave individuals to ever think that their efforts go unnoticed, unappreciated, or even unrewarded, I will always keep these volunteers in mind as I debate and review legislation in Albany.

In the meantime, I congratulate the Goshen Volunteer Ambulance Corps 2008 officers, including President George Lyons and Vice-president Kelly Makuen, as well as Corpsperson of the Year Bill Moore, for all their hard work and perseverance. Keep up the great work and on behalf of a grateful community, thank you!



Annie Rabbitt

Member of Assembly

97th District

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