A Democratic resolution for Michigan and Florida

Dear editor:

I’m a Harvard MBA Alumni (Class ‘93) and a Democratic Supporter.

In the best interest of the Democratic Party, I think Obama should concede Florida and Michigan in exchange of a DNC commitment that the Superdelegates must overall mirror the will of the people and the pledged delegates at the end of the contest.

(a) Hillary is pushing hard to have Michigan and Florida seated.

(b) Hillary is already trying to influence the officials of the DNC Appeals Board to overturn the DNC decision in June.

(c) Barack wants the Superdelegates to not overturn the pledged delegates negotiating this concession as an assurance that Superdelegates sanction the results, and not overturn them, favors Barack.

– Keep the Democratic Party from potential disaster and collapse;

– Give Barack the goodwill of the Party and of voters;

– Keep his momentum going; and…

– If he continues his winnings, he secures his nomination without the risk of a Super Delegate upset.

This concession should also be attractive to Hillary:

– She would gain over 300,000 popular votes.

– She would acquire over 60+ delegates cutting Obama lead in half! and…

– She gets a 2nd shot at winning the election!

There is no perfect solution to the Michigan and Florida situation.

However, I think this compromise is best considering all issues.

Best regards,

Darrell Hubbard

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