Obama is America\’s Future

Dear Editor:

Being of english stock and having lived in New Zealand for the past 35 years and now in my 76th year, I have many good reasons to be thankful to the people of the U.S.A. from the war years and the sacrifices that they made then and are still continueing to sacrifice, but the time has come to take a major look at the road the country is travelling and from where I stand, the very best bet lies on the shoulders of Barack Obama.
I used to have a great respect for the way McCain came over, looking at it from an outsider, but have been totally disallusioned with his total negative approach  to Obama and his continued snipping.  A person with such a negative attitude would be the very last thing that America requires at this time. A time when it is imperative that it has a change of face within the world, for the betterhood of mankind in general.

Roy Bradbery

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