Barack Obama Mosaic

Newburgh – Kindergarten students from Dawn Delicio’s class at Balmville Elementary School, along with teaching assistant Barbara Palumbo, worked on a special art project in honor of Black History Month. The project, a giant mosaic, depicts the face of President Barack Obama. According to Delicio and Palumbo, over the years students have created a mosaic of Martin Luther King, Jr. This year, however, Obama was chosen instead.

“The project is very time consuming,” explained Palumbo. She explained that the picture has to first be drawn on a giant piece of paper and then tiny pieces of colored paper are cut up to be placed strategically on the artwork.

According to Delicio, “The project took the students a couple of weeks. They worked on it a little bit at a time here and there. They finished the project in sections.”

When the students were finished with the project, one of the students suggested sending the finished piece to the White House for President Obama, Palumbo explained. The students shipped the artwork to the White House with a letter and are hoping to hear back from the President.


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