King’s three remaining children need to step up

Dear Editor:

In response to Boo and Damond: unless I assume you two read another article and somehow your comments made their way to this one, I strongly urge the both of you to go back to listening to Rick Ross or watching Basketball Wives or Springer. I have heard enough not-so-subliminal messages from young blacks claiming the offspring of real black leaders have the right to do whatever they want to do to drive me crazy. Ya’ll say this while the offsprings of Romney, Bush, and George Wallace carry out their ruination of this country. Young blacks today seem to think the civil rights and black liberation wars are over. Revolution needs to be handed down just as white supremacy is handed down.

But you don’t want to hear it. Yo’ obsolete black asses either want Jesus or entertainment. You better believe the King kids need to get up off their asses, and so do you!

Chris Stevenson

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