Obama’s Biggest Weakness: He’s Weak

If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I never would have believed it. Here was President Barack Obama talking with his Russian counterpart, President Dmitry Medvedev, about giving a message to incoming President Vladimir Putin. They thought the microphone was off but the whole world will hear the discussion plainly. He goes, \”Tell Vladimir to please wait until after my re-election. Then I could be much more flexible.\” Shaking hands President Medvedev says, \”Yes I will transmit your message to Vladimir\”. We were very curious if not somewhat shocked. What was he about to give up? Now it appears to be the Ukraine, as we knew it. Putin was about to go Stalin style and invade a neighboring nation and the US was going to let it happen. Well, the rest is history. This squeamish approach to foreign relations appears to be a major trait of our president who is supposed to be the leader and valiant fighter for the free world. It appears that isn’t the case.

The pleas for increased security by our Libyan Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, went ignored. This reticence by our President and Secretary of State Clinton caused his death as well as three of his staff. The President still can’t make a strong move in Libya. Today, Al Qaeda like militias our carving up the nation and we just appear to ignore it. There are eleven missing commercial jet planes and we don’t have a clue who took them. Listen! We are approaching the anniversary of 9/11 and Jihadists have eleven planes to play with. Where is our outrage? Where is the bravery and aggressiveness to get those planes and take out the militias?

Oh yes, remember the Arab Spring? They were telling us how his speeches and soft approach was making Egypt and Syria better for democracy. It started like that but the pro-democracy protesters were soon rivaled by newcomer Jihadists. They were rivaled and later \”taken out\”. The Egyptian military performed a coup on the Muslim Brotherhood. Thank God for that as the United States was in a frozen state of inaction. The leadership we use to have is gone until we find a true leader to guide our great nation.

Syria is far worse! Chemical weapons have been used on women and children and all the White House can do is sell \”wolf tickets\” about drawing a line in the sand. That line has been scratched out by the \”feet\” of Dictator Assad and two rival groups, both some form of Jihadists. This nation is a three ring circus of terror. We could have had a handle on it in the early stages but our President feared to make a move. Once again, his fear overtakes his obligation and the world gets worse and worse.

Our intelligence informed the White House of this new off shoot of Al Qaeda, ISIS, which was gaining ground in Syria and threatening to invade Iraq. Iraq was sitting there like a deer in front of head lights. In his rush to get our troops out Obama left the nation untrained and ill prepared to protect itself from the hostile factions that surround it. As ISIS was considering, the President made an arrogant statement to the press about them. He referred to them as a junior varsity team that had delusions they were the Lakers basketball team. Two months later, ISIS rushed into Iraq and snatched 40% of the land all the while performing medieval style massacres wherever they went. This group now has over a billion dollars in cash from the banks they seized and modern US military equipment they got from the fleeing Iraqi troops. Mass murder is their trade mark and all the White House could do in the beginning is to send some food. We are now dabbling in helicopter rescues, light equipment and some air strikes here and there. The bitter truth is that we must be very lethal with ISIS. That is the only way and the President is going to have to muster up some courage. Somehow he must overcome his weakness and make a brave and responsible move. The above are just a few examples.

No one in their right mind wants to make war. Sometimes, a nation has to meet war face to face. If it comes before you, you must act aggressively and win or become defeated and beholden to the new conquerors. There is no in between and somehow this person we elected twice feels he can wait it out for two more years and get the hell out of Washington, DC with all the money accumulated along the way. How many thousands of civilians, mostly women and children, must die until the United States returns to its strong and valiant ways? Tough diplomacy is like a meeting of the \”bears\”. I suggest our position should be that of a Grizzly.

Mr. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce


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