O.C. Democratic Caucus Praises Public

Dear Editor:

The Orange County Democratic legislators want to thank the public for their diligent effort at public hearings and for creating public awareness against the proposed County Misdemeanor Forfeiture Law brought forth by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and unanimously supported by the Republican and Independent caucuses.

The Orange County Democratic caucus, which unanimously voted against this very misguided law, recognizes that the broad opposition from the public came from people of all political persuasions.

The citizens of Orange County who turned out at public hearings were unanimous in their opposition to this proposed law. They pointed out the proposed law was subject to abuse by law enforcement officials and that at a time when communities across the Nation are fighting to rid themselves of similar laws, Orange County was trying to enter a ‘policing for profit’ era.

By speaking out so forcefully, the public was able to bring the proposed law’s flaws to the attention of our County Executive who ended the controversy by vetoing the law.

\”Our Orange County Democratic legislators feel that democracy has prevailed and the system worked due to the due diligence of the public,\” said Democratic Caucus Leader, Christopher Eachus.

Christopher W. Eachus

Orange County, NY