Valentine Hosts Breakfast for Mayor Judy Kennedy

NEWBURGH – On Monday, August 24, 2015  former Mayor, Nick Valentine, hosted a breakfast at 2 Alices Coffee Shop to announced his endorsement for the current incumbent Mayor, Judy Kennedy, a Democrat.   Business people from all the around the City were in attendance at the Breakfast with the Mayors event.   Mayor Valentine, who is a Republican, made the strong point that this election was not about party politics, but about people coming together to continue moving Newburgh forward.   “Newburgh has had its share of fits and starts” stated Nick, “but we see a lot business momentum on Liberty and lower Broadway.  We need to keep it going.”

Mayor Kennedy pointed out “ I am willing to work across party lines, racial lines, age lines and any other imaginary line to move the City of Newburgh forward.   Indeed, I believe that collaboration and teamwork is the only thing that will move Newburgh forward!”   Both Mayors mentioned all the new businesses that have moved into the Liberty street corridor and on lower Broadway.    The Newburgh Mercantile,  Palates Wine and Spirit Shop, the Juice Bar are just a few of the new businesses on Liberty.   A new Tapas Restaurant is scheduled to open in October.

Mayor Kennedy is running for her second term.   Primary election day is September 10th.

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