Exercise Your Right to Vote

Dear Editor:

I urge all the residents of Orange County to exercise your right to vote on Tuesday, November 3, 2015.  Local elections are very important since decisions and policies implemented by elected officials affect us directly.

Please do your research on what the candidates stand for and their qualifications.  Many candidates are using fear and misinformation to scare you into voting for them instead of providing solutions to problems.  Other candidates are running positive campaigns and addressing the issues.  Which candidates do you prefer?

Unfortunately, some voters might receive last-minute anonymous negative literature filled with misinformation.  If someone will not put their name to this kind of mailer, then it doesn’t deserve our attention.  It should be put to good use – drop it in the shredder.

Vote on November 3, 2015!

Sonia Ayala
Town of Blooming Grove

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