LG Electronics New Flagship Smart Phone – LG V10

By Samuel Wilson

LG Electronics recently unveiled its new LG V10 flagship smartphone. It features many firsts including: Second Screen, Dual Front Cameras, and Manual Video Mode. This device has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 Processor, 4GB of RAM, 3,000mAh removable battery, 64GB of onboard storage (expandable with microSD card), 16MP rear camera, and a 5MP Dual Lens Front facing camera.

The V10 is great for multimedia and you’ll enjoy making calls with this too. The V10 supports Qualcomm’s TruSignal antenna boost technology; the improved signal strength should hopefully lead to fewer dropped calls.

LG’s new innovation allows the Second Screen to act independently and can be set up as an “always on” display to enhance productivity without impacting battery life.  The Second Screen is inset just above the main 5.7-inch QHD IPS Quantum Display.

The V10 is the first smartphone in the US to offer a real-time manual mode for video. Manual Video Mode enables you to easily create professional-quality videos. Additional features include: LTE-A Cat 6, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, NFC, USB 2.0, and a fingerprint scanner. (www.lg.com)

LG packed quite a bit of functionality into its new flagship device. The always on Second Screen offers something new to the marketplace and may help increase productivity. The 16MP rear camera lets you take great photos and Manual Video Mode allows you to shoot high quality videos on the go.

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