What’s Wrong With Senator Sessions? Nothing.

Unless you think all conservative Republicans are bad, I dare you to find anything horrible about Senator Jeff Sessions.  There is an immense outcry by Democrats and a few civil rights advocates of whom I find little credibility.  I haven’t seen such an organized character assassination since the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court.  Why do they hate him?  I believe it is all about politics.  He is so loved by his constituents who are 27% Black.  He is so loved that not one person opposed him during his last election.  Has any other senator won by a margin of 97%?
Maybe he is picked out for character assassination because he speaks with a deep southern drawl and is from the old Jim Crow state of Alabama which is very republican in its voting pattern.  His appearance and demeanor can give people the impression of a mean person.  His conservatism is clearly apparent and unbending.  These things can drive a progressive liberal to action.  That action can be extreme enough to make impressionable people join in on the hatred.
Perhaps the biggest reason for all this hatred is that President elect Donald Trump is a fan of Jeff Sessions and the feeling is mutual.  One of the first supporters of Donald Trump was Senator Sessions. He hosted a big rally for him in Madison, Alabama and that infuriated democrats. The Senator is also an advisor and confidant of Trump.  Those democrats who are still in a state of shock about the election see the Senator as a soft target to voice their outrage.
The democrats are going to push against every cabinet nominee that Trump nominates.  For the above reasons, this is going to be one they fight against most.  By their reasoning, he is the “Devil”.  He fiercely fights against illegal immigration.  Also, he has no tolerance for amnesty and isn’t too fond of legal immigration because migrants are willing to work for cheap labor and compete against middle class wages. For this and his conservative southern mannerisms he is called a racist.  Just like they smeared Trump as an evil racist.
He is also a climate change skeptic and that makes the environmentalists rise against him.  These are the people who have no tolerance for any doubters.  So now we have the radical side of the democratic party, the environmentalists and minorities ganging up on this public servant.  He has been nominated as Attorney General of the United States.  First, Trump will become President of the United States and now this “boogey man” is going to enforce law over all of us.  They can’t handle it.
There is also something else that is bothering the left side of the political spectrum.  If he becomes Attorney General will Hillary Clinton be at risk.  She undoubtedly has been protected from prosecution for all the possible crimes she has committed during her tenure of Secretary of State.  Jeff Sessions as an Attorney General will bring anyone to justice who has broken the law.  Bringing Hillary Clinton to justice would be an extreme legacy of corruption and maybe many Americans could not mentally handle that.  Thus, many feel this person, Jeff Sessions, must be stopped.
They are trying to take a fine American away from his destiny.  He has an impeccable record and has worked diligently towards serving the state of Alabama and its citizens.  One of his major accomplishments as Attorney General for Alabama is his crushing victory over the Ku Klux Klan.  He brought them to their knees.  However, his political enemies call him a racist as if he is a friend of the Klan.  They seem to ignore that as the negative propaganda rolls on and on.
The senate must stand firm against all this propaganda and do the right thing.  His confirmation would be consistent with the hard work and determination he has displayed while serving his civic duties.  Blacks who have worked under him are proud of their experience.  They aren’t complaining.
The media who constantly maligned the character of Donald Trump quickly switched gears after the election and pounced on this gentleman from Alabama.  They call him a racist although his son-in-law is Asian and sat behind him during the hearings.  There have been no discrimination lawsuits against him.
Jefferson Beauregard Sessions will become our Attorney General.  The press and democrats won’t block him as they did in 1986.  Led by Senator Ted Kennedy the same tactics against him were used.  He was denied a federal judgeship.  Things will be different this time.

Mr. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®.

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