“I Thank God For My Life! I’m Still Here! Wow!”

When this week’s HV Press hits the streets I will have celebrated my 77th birthday, Feb. 14th. Wow! These years have flown by so quickly.
As my mind strolls back throughout those 77 years, I must say that it seems like this year, (and it’s only just begun), is one of the most horrifying years that I’ve ever experienced.  Why? Because it seems like our government is at a place that I’ve never seen before.
Maybe it’s because it’s “All” unfolding moment by moment before our very eyes via: TV, internet, Face Book, Twitter and so many other ways. Lord Have Mercy!
Being that February is designated as “Black History Month” let me share some of the history that occurred in the month of February!
1) Feb. 1st, Black Student Movement Launched In Greensboro, N.C. 1960
2) Feb. 1st  Langston Hughes, Poet And Author, Born 1902
3) Feb. 3rd Blanche Kelso Bruce Elected to U.S. Senate, 1874
4) Feb. 4th Rosa Parks, Civil Rights Icon, Born 1913
5) Feb. 5th Hank Aaron, Baseball Great, Born 1934
6) Feb. 6th Benjamin Banneker Built First U.S. Clock At Age 23, 1754
7) Feb. 7th Orangeburg, SC Police Murder Unarmed Black College Students, 1968
8) Feb. 7th First Black History Week Celebration, 1926
9) Feb. 11th First Black Library Founded In Philadelphia, Pa. 1933
10) Feb. 11th Nelson Mandela Released From Prison After 27 Years, 1990
11) Feb. 12th NAACP Founded, 1909
12) Feb. 14th Frederick Douglass Born, 1817
13) Feb. 14th Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), Civil Rights Organization Formed 1967
14) Feb. 15th Black Abolitionists invaded Boston Courtroom And Freed A Fugitive Slave, 1851
15) Feb. 15th Ernest Just, Brilliant Biologist, Investigator of the Structure Of The Cell, Received Ph.D 1915
16) Feb. 16th U.S. And Other Foreigners Defeated, Castro Became Premier Of Independent Revolutionary Cuba, 1959
17) Feb. 17th Huey Newton, Organizer Of Black Panther Party, Militant Organization For Self-Defense And Liberation, Born 1942
18) Feb. 21st Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz), Revolutionary Leader, Assassinated 1965
19) Feb. 23rd W.E. Dubois Born, 1868
20) Feb. 25th Alabama State College Students Staged First Sit-In In “Deep South” At Montgomery, Al. Courthouse, 1960
21) Feb. 25th Hiram Revels, First Black Senator, Sworn In, 1820
22) Feb. 25th Elijah Muhammad, Founder of The Nation Of Islam, Dies 1975
Wow! February was and still is a month that brought forth many strong people and situations and it still does. I guess that’s why I was sent into this world in this month. (Feb. 14th, 1940.) My  strong feelings for my community and my country are because I want to see people of all races and hues striving together towards bringing peace into our society. “What The World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love”  for that’s the “Only” thing that there’s just too “Little” of!
I guess that I feel this way for God chose to send me into this world on “Valentine’s Day!” Smile!

This is “Lillie’s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say!

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