Burke High School Announces its Three-Year Vision

GOSHEN – Recenly, John S. Burke Catholic High school introduced a new Strategic Plan that will guide the school in its initiatives, planning and growth over the next three years. The plan, entitled “Framing our Legacy” outlines the school’s vision to promote a robust pre-collegiate educational experience through progressive, technologically advanced and pro-active decisions.

The Strategic Plan was developed following an inclusive and vigorous process that included the input of many within the Burke Catholic communities. It is designed to be a dynamic, living document that responds to student needs. The plan was based upon guidelines outlined in The National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools.

“Strategic planning and goal setting are important to the vitality of Burke Catholic. These efforts help us to clearly define our priorities and focus on key strategies,” says Principal Dr. Albert Del Principio. Chairman of the Board of Trustees Patrick Welsh adds, “the coming years present potential changes and challenges for our school. I am confident that this plan provides Burke Catholic with a clear and comprehensive path forward and meets our mission to foster a strong, balanced and faith-based educational experience.”

The Plan Outlines six strategic goals, objectives and performance indicators to track progress: * Academic Excellence; * Student Life, * Institutional Advancement; * Catholic Identity;

* Enrollment & Strategic Marketing;

* Facilities & Campus Infrastructure

Visit BurkeCatholic.com for Framing Our Legacy information. A Town Hall style meeting is set for 4/25 at 6:30 p.m. in the Burke Catholic Cafeteria.

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