U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change

I guess you can call the scheme the “Make America Weak Act”.  That is exactly what the evil doers and the ignorant of the world do when they come together to sell our great nation down the “drain”.  Listen!  Ain’t nobody going to cause us to fall into an abyss and never come back again.  It is like the “crabs in the barrel syndrome”.    How foolish they are to think we will become foolish.

Coming out of the Industrial Revolution we proved to the world that our capitalistic system works.  We became the “rock” of this world.  We led the way in defeating rival economic theories.  The United States defeated two very strong nations, Germany, and Japan, at the same time and supplied arms and food to the rest of the world all at the same time.  Today, there is no nation stronger than the US.  There is no nation richer than the US.  Our belief in God (most of us) ensures that we will maintain our glorious status no matter how many haters there may be.  People are dreaming of moving to our nation and become an official citizen.  We understand it and don’t mind.  In fact, it is flattering and that is why we have a formal immigration process.  Yes, we encourage it.

There are others, envious and sick to no end about that.  They get together to find a way to bring us down.  One entity is the “Environmental Extremists”.  Their strategy is to manipulate the United Nations and force us to give up our extremely strong wealth and transfer it to people who refuse to “pay the price” for where we are.  They want a transfer of wealth from us to them.  Silly people!  We aren’t giving this up.  You will not take our jobs, our economy, and our strong capitalistic infrastructure.  We will never, never transfer our wealth to those who do not have a clue of how we got there.

This movement started after a campaign to stop “Global Freezing” didn’t get any traction.

So, they went the other way, “Global Warming”.  They have yet to realize that strategy will follow the previous.  The venue to operate is the United Nations, chiefly funded by the United States itself.  The first daring move against us was the Kyoto Protocol back in 1992.  To succeed all members must enter into a written agreement or treaty.  Per our constitution a treaty must be approved by the majority of the United States Senate.  So, here comes President Clinton and the terribly anxious Vice President Al Gore trying to sell it to us.  They came up with terms like Environmental Racism to get the civil rights groups to fall for this.  The business community, which is the most important segment to our security, roared up and began to educate our Senate.  When time came for the Senate to vote on this crazy protocol, they voted 96-1 against it.  A whopping landslide!

That was a while back.  It took them more than a decade to get a little traction through this new progressive but inexperienced leader, Barack Obama.  He came up with a similar mantra of environmental doom.  As soon as he won the presidency in 2008, he charged the Senate with his “Cap and Trade Program”.  Ha!  We shot that down so fast and furious.  He then began taking out pieces of the old Protocol.  Things like the Ozone Rule and the Clean Power Plan.  As it became clear that he would not get far during his presidency he decided to once again cling to the United Nations to get us to reduce our might.  Out came the Paris Accord which is the Kyoto Protocol dusted off.  He knew it would get nowhere with our Senate (Republican or Democratic) so he did that anti-constitutional trick of signing an Executive Order.

It became clear that that “dog” would not hunt.  So, the mainstream press came to his aid and began a propaganda script saying that President Trump must sign the Paris Accord or we will all die someway.  Then last week it went down.  President Trump let out a roar like a hungry king lion, “MAGA!!!” (Make America Great Again).  Like the US Senate did over twenty years earlier, our economy remains intact.

China and India thought they could keep our growth at a stand-still while they could continue their manufacturing activities like building new coal fired utility plants 24/7 until, at least the year 2030.  Many dictatorships could keep from paying their dues while the US would be forced to cover the losses.  What American official would play that game?  Look at John Kerry and Barack Obama – they did it!

The UN should spend the future coming up with a strategy that is fair and inclusive of all its members.  That is the only way to have a peaceful and productive earth.  In effect, we have paid Iran billions of dollars to continue their nuclear program that has the goal of destroying Israel and other allies.  We have sat idly by while North Korea is on the verge of starting Armageddon.  Wake up America!

Mr. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®.