Uber Deal Criticized By Legislator Virginia Perez

“I am opposed to Westchester County’s decision to allow ridesharing companies to operate in Westchester County under an inequitable set of laws that put our traditional taxi companies at a significant competitive disadvantage and even more disturbingly compromises the safety and security of the riding public.

“My father has made his living as a taxi driver for more than 30 years. During that time he has complied with every rule and regulation implemented by the Westchester County and Yonkers TLC. Not just because he was legally compelled to but because he understands that regulations like criminal background checks and fingerprinting are essential to keeping riders safe.

“I have spent my entire life standing up to bullies and fighting for justice for people who are being oppressed and I believe the fight to make Uber and Lyft to follow the same rules as TLC drivers who have been working in our communities for decades is a righteous fight. If I had been given the opportunity to vote to “opt out” of New York State’s ill-conceived ridesharing law I would have done so proudly and enthusiastically.

“I appreciate the County Executive’s efforts to win concessions from Uber and Lyft but unfortunately what was won (fingerprinting on an optional basis) is a negligible win compared to all we are losing.

“I am hopeful that Chairman Kaplowitz’ decision to recommit the “opt out” legislation back to committee, including the Legislation Committee which I Chair, means that we will someday get the opportunity to insist that Uber operates under a fair and transparent vetting process that puts rider safety and industry equity before Uber’s massive profits.”

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