Second Annual Buffalo Soldiers Stable Call

By Journalist Ms. Jones

NEWBURGH – On Saturday, September 2 the Second Annual Buffalo Soldiers Stable Call was held at Whoo’s Sports Bar. It featured author/poet Major Adrian Johnson performing spoken word.

Two-time Grammy Award Winner Clayton Bryant headlined the evening. He sang familiar tunes like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” and his new single “Will You Care.” Chandra James aka DJ Mizz Official, who was nominated as the 845 DJ of the Year, ended the event spinning old school music and getting the crowd dancing.

Author/poet Major Adrian Johnson performing spoken word at The 2nd Annual Buffalo Soldiers Stable Call at Whoo’s Sports Bar in Newburgh.

“I’ve been working with the Buffalo Soldiers Association of West Point… led by Dr. Aundrea Matthews for three years now… Her grandfather, the last known living Buffalo Soldier of West Point, passed away last year at 96 years old. He was the president and I’ve been knowing him all of my life. The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club is also one of the support groups for the Buffalo Soldiers Association. They help raise funds. They put on events. So, we all have collaborated for the purpose of realizing the dream of Sgt. Sanders Matthews, which is building a monument to put on West Point,” said CEO of Soldiers for Life aka S4L Entertainment and Sports Management Tyrone King aka “King Ty.”

King Ty is also a military man, thus the name Soldiers for Life. He organized this event for a special purpose.

“Calvary soldiers back in the day historically rode horses. The Buffalo Soldiers who were stationed at West Point were there to teach the soldiers how to ride horses and do military maneuvers. So, one of the traditions in the Calvary Unit is to bring the horses in to water and when you bring the horses in to water sometimes that means you’re going to teach about a subject, you’re gonna pull out some important information, or you may socialize. Last year when Sgt. Matthews passed, I decided to go with the tradition of the Calvary called a Stable Call here and get people to come in and ‘water the horses.’ The horses could be the motorcycles, but also the horses are the people having a little social time together,” said King Ty.

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