Radio Club to Host FCC License Instruction

CORNWALL – “STEM” is the popular buzzword for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and its principles are being implemented at almost every educational level.   But combined with amateur radio, these fields of knowledge open a vast array of opportunity, not only for the hobbyist and for “STEM” students, but also for those desiring to prepare for emergencies.   Using radios on “ham” frequencies requires a license from the FCC, and the Orange County Amateur Radio Club (OCARC) is offeringcomprehensive instructional classes in preparation for that license test.

That entry-level “Technician Class License” permits operating privileges on all VHF & UHF frequencies using a wide range of available radios…mobile, hand-held, and base station.  No prior experience is needed to register, and there is no age limitation for the license.   The fun of “ham radio” includes two-way radio, repeaters, antennas, experimentation, local and long distant contacts, amateur television, voice-over-internet, even satellite communication!   The instruction is free… students purchase the Q&A instructional manual.

Registration is now open for three Saturday morning 4-hour classes,  October7, 14, and 21, held at the Orange County Emergency Communications Center classroom in Goshen. The 35-question “Technician” test will be administered at the same location on the last day of class, or at a Cornwall location on November17. Classroom seating is limited.Register for the classes using theonline form at  or phone 845-391-3620 – leave name and phone number.   Registrants will receive directions, class syllabus, manual purchase availability, and detailed class information.

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