Reminder for Orange County Voters

Dear Editor:

While there are many issues for voters to consider on 11/7, let’s remember the unsuccessful attempt to sell Valley View Nursing Home and the voting history of our current candidates.  3/20/14 Chronicle headline, “Neuhaus moves fast toward Valley View sale.” 4/10/14 Chronicle headline, Legislature OKs nursing home transfer.”  Legislators who voted for the sale and are running for re-election: Amo, Ruszkiewicz, Bonelli, Cheney, Vero, Hines, DiSalvo, Benton, Brescia.  Legislators who voted against the sale and are running for re-election: Anagnostakis, Kemnitz, Paduk, Sullivan, Kulisek.

Return to office those who supported keeping VV county owned/operated for the most vulnerable among us and vote out those who attempted to use any excuse to rid the county of its most beloved, respected and well run institution.  Vote in the new candidates, who support VV remaining county owned/ operated: Scott, McKay, Santiago, McMillan, Lujan, Mulqueen, Hunter, Pinkela, Tautel.

Remember, Canfield-Greene, OC Republican Chair, stated in a 10/3/17, THR article, she hopes the Republicans will win a 14 seat super majority.  If there was a super majority in 2014, Valley View would have been sold.  Only you, the voter, can make sure that doesn’t happen. Vote for those that care about you.  Vote out Neuhaus and those legislators that tried to advance his faulty agenda.

Mary Ann McDonough
Otisville, NY

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