Rising Above Challenges and Flourishing

By Jennifer L. Warren

Delphine Powell had reached a crossroads.

The former Newburgh resident of over 20 years had worked in the technology engineering field, excelling and accomplishing a great deal. Although satisfied with and happy about her career, “Dr.” Powell, who has an honorary Doctorate Degree in Ministry, had a developing “itch.”

“I felt like there was more for me to do out there in service work, community development and incentive outreach,” said Powell, who presently resides in Dutchess County.

Deep down Powell always knew where that longing inspiration to do “more” resided…in her childhood…as well as a journal. Separated from her biological parents and family at age 10, Powell’s father had already recently passed away when she was unexpectantly taken away and set on an unpredictable, sometimes chaotic and very challenging life course of foster homes and orphanages.

Despite this traumatizing event, Powell was able to endure due to the solid foundation her mother had planted, which included a strong faith and relationship with God. Yet another tool provided salvation: journaling. That teenage survival device of recording the events and feelings connected to her nomadic childhood was where Powell found the “more” she was seeking: a memoir, detailing the hard fought challenges and eventual conquering of her childhood.

“I jouranled as a teenager, then stopped,” recalled Powell. “I always knew I wanted to write my story, so I could help somebody and encourage and inspire him/her going through a similar situation.”

The soon-to-be released memoir includes much of Powell’s journal recollections, along with other vivid memories of those youthful days that so profoundly shaped the strong, confident, and successful woman she is today.

“It is a flashback to a long decade of the moment I was taken from my family but was able to conquer my feelings of abandonment/loneliness through prayer and religion,” explained Powell. “The book also includes; prayers, encouragement and declarations.”

Titled MY HOUSE YOUR HOUSE, A Prayerful Memoir, The Voice Of An Unofficial Orphan, the piece is “about all of us, as we are all dealing with someone/thing,” according to its author. “It’s everyone’s ‘house.’”

“It’s for anyone who needs to be encouraged, inspired, renewed and refreshed,” said Powell.

“For youth, young adults, anyone who is or has dealt with despair.”

Hopeful of empowering, renewing and uplifting her audience, Powell further aspires to taking the memoir’s effect to yet another level. She is looking to apply the proceeds to make scholarships assisting underprivileged children. Additionally, Powell is seeking once a year adopting a family in need as well as holding an annual banquet to help foster children, furthering their education.

“I want to show people how I survived and how I made it with good people and role models in my life,” said a grateful Powell, who was involved in sports, modeling and acting as a youth.

“Just like people saw good things, potential in me, making me who I am today, I hope to continue to nurture children beyond just basic needs.”

Next up for the author, Powell is preparing for her book signing. Slated for Saturday, November 18, from 10am-2pm at Newburgh’s Hampton Inn & Suites By Hilton, the event includes a free continental breakfast and refreshments.

For more information call:  (800) 774-9409 or author@myhouse-yourhouse.com.

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