Initiatives Aimed at Growing Jobs and Improving Businesses

ALBANY – Senator Sue Serino (R, C, I—Hyde Park) recently joined with her colleagues in Albany to unveil a comprehensive “Jobs and Opportunity Agenda” aimed at helping New York rise in the ranks and become more competitive, create good-paying jobs, and make the state more business-friendly to improve economic development. The plan would make economic development programs more effective, save small businesses more than $1 billion in taxes, cut red tape and over-regulation, and invest in workforce development.

“The numbers don’t lie,” Senator Serino said. “New York consistently finds itself at the bottom of the list when ranked in order of business-friendly climates among states, and that status puts us at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to keeping hardworking folks here in the state, and attracting new business and economic development opportunities. It’s time to reverse the statistics and put New York back on top. This plan includes initiatives that have the potential to play a critical role in helping us to achieve that goal.”

At the press conference, Senator Chris Jacobs, Chairman of the Administrative Regulations Review Commission, noted that New York has over 300,000 regulations that impact our businesses, a number that is more than double the national average. That statistic, along with a myriad of expensive taxes and complicated processes often leaves New York languishing around number 49 on lists ranking state’s by their business-friendly climate.

The plan, part of the formerly announced, “Blueprint for a Stronger New York” is geared toward reversing the exodus that the state has experienced by making New York less costly and more affordable for hardworking New Yorkers.

Focusing squarely on comprehensive tax, regulatory, and economic development reforms, highlights of the plan include:

· New Tax Cuts for Businesses;

· Creation of a STAR program for Small Businesses that would allow real property owned by a small business (100 or less employees) to be eligible for the STAR property tax savings program;

· Shut down START-UP NY and redirect advertising funding to support more effective economic development initiatives;

· Improve Transparency and promote Additional Oversight to better monitor how taxpayer dollars are being spent;

· Curtail Rash Regulations by ensuring that the emergency regulation process is only used in true emergencies when necessary to protect public health and safety.

· Improve the State Rulemaking Process by reforming the regulatory, licensing, and permitting processes to make them easier to understand, and more responsive to businesses’ concerns;

· Remove Speedbumps to Development by creating a new statutory “Fast-Track” process for certain economic development projects;

· Advocate for Small Businesses by creating a small business liaison to help start-ups better navigate through state processes

· Connect Veterans with Jobs;

· Strengthen In-School Training Programs; and

· Promote Practical Skills and Experiences by allowing for academic credit for high school students who participate in internships and other practical experiences and by encouraging participation in apprenticeships;

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