Gay Lee Announces Her Candidacy For Mayor

NEWBURGH – Former Councilwoman Gay Lee has officially entered the race for City of Newburgh Mayor. Lee made the announcement Monday evening surrounded by family, friends, well-wishers and supporters.

The announcement follows the recent death of Judy Kennedy, who was serving her second term as mayor, when she lost her battle with cancer.

“I do not have all the answers,” Lee said, continuing, “but what I do have is a sound understanding of the moral and ethical problems plaguing the City of Newburgh, an unending love and respect for humanity and a desire to learn more about the concerns of city residents.”

And with those words, Lee spoke about her ability to be a good leader, ideas on how to make the city better, and took questions of concerned residents for more than an hour.
Tackling issues such as infrastructure, safety, taxes and housing, were of great concern to Lee.

“Our roads and bridges are deteriorating, our safety is as stake. Our taxes are too high, our public services are substandard, our water is tainted, our children are meagerly educated, and our housing is inadequate,” Lee said.

Lee emphasized that the city cannot continue placing its sustainability on a few property tax payers. She sees economic development as the key to the cities revitalization and sustainability. To that end she plans on calling on the New York State Economic Development Council and the Governor to step up, and step in, with seed money for skilled and semi-skilled workers. “Newburgh has a huge labor poor waiting to be tapped,” Lee explained.

Uniting those gathered, Lee further illustrated that there is strength in numbers.

“Our strength is in each other,” Lee said. “The middle class is entitled to know there is someone who will have their backs.” Lee said that person is her. “I will fight for every person in this city; from the poor and elderly, to the middle class, can say with dignity and pride, ‘Let’s stick together, let’s rebuild Newburgh together.’”

Lee concluded, “With your vote, we can make Newburgh better!”

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