Number of O.C. Foster Children Keeps Rising

ORANGE COUNTY – While most families prepare for exciting summer vacations, many Orange County children are without their families.

Right now, hundreds of at-risk children are in desperate need of foster families. Fortunately, you can make the difference in a life of a child.

Orange County Department of Social Services and The Foster Care Network are urging county residents to discover how rewarding it is to become a foster parent.

“The need for foster parents takes on new meaning in the summer months. This is the time of year when families spend the most time together, making it particularly difficult on children without this critical, loving support system. We need families to consider becoming foster parents right now … today,” said Anne Caldwell of the Orange County Department of Social Services

Prospective foster parents can begin the process to open their homes by calling The Foster Care Network at 1-877-297-3303 or visiting In addition to free training sessions, parents receive monthly financial reimbursement for the living expenses of each child in their care.

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