We Must Elect a Worthy Candidate

Dear Editor:

With the sad passing of Frank Skartados, we must elect a worthy candidate to the 104th Assembly District. Our region is peppered with political signs stating “Experience Counts”. Let us examine the candidate’s experience.

Scott Manley has lived a life of Service, exemplifying Honor, Integrity and Respect for our community. His 25 year career as a highly respected police officer in the Town of Newburgh provided him experience at community relations and dealing with all types of people, especially in times of strife. Scott also served 12 years as PBA president. As a union leader, he represented the interests of working men and women, and effectively communicated on their behalf.

Scott Manley’s service in many community organizations, such as Little League, the PTA, and the Jaycees, provided him experience in service to the people. Scott Manley’s efforts helping his mother, Anita, establish the Friends of Seniors organization gives him experience with the needs and desires of our golden age citizens.

Scott Manley’s years on the Town Board and as Deputy Town Supervisor gives him experience with the workings of government and the needs of the mid Hudson region.

His opponent’s experience consists of being a political insider and leader of a political party connected to the corrupt, tax and spend Cuomo regime in Albany.

There is no question experience counts. For a State Assemblyman who will truly represent the people of the 104th District, with Honor, Integrity and Respect, vote for Scott Manley on November 6.

Anthony LoBiondo

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