Hochul Visits Purple Heart Hall of Honor

NEW WINDSOR – Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul (right) visited the National Purple Heart Hall of Honor in New Windsor, recently, to tour the museum and meet with local officials.

The state has announced $10 million to upgrade and expand the facility with much credit given to State Senator William Larkin (R, Cornwall-on-Hudson) [pictured on the left] for pushing for the funding.

Hochul said the state wants New Yorkers to know what a gem the Purple Heart Hall is and how grateful they are to be able to host such a place within the state.

“This is a real privilege for me to be here and the governor and I are excited about the $10 million in investments that we’re bringing to enhance this even more,” said Hochul. “We want to make sure that every New Yorker knows this a huge point of pride for us to host the National Hall of Honor for the Purple Heart recipients and people should come and look up names of individuals they may know, but also just learn American history here.”

The Hall of Honor chronicles those servicemen and women wounded or killed by the enemy.
Larkin was a driving force in establishing the facility.

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