Cuomo Vetoes Essential Bills For Newburgh and Chester

Assemblyman and Senator-elect James Skoufis (D-Woodbury) issued the following statement on Governor Cuomo’s veto of two critically important bills to the Newburgh and Chester school districts which would have provided amnesty for $13 million and $3 million respectively. The outrageously disproportionate penalties were imposed for clerical errors allegedly made by the district many years ago and stand to have a tremendously adverse impact on the two communities’ schools, students, and taxpayers. The governor approved identical amnesty legislation for the North Syracuse and Henry Hudson school districts earlier this year, establishing an inexplicable double standard.

“With his two vetoes, Governor Cuomo has demonstrated disturbing disregard for Orange County’s students, including the over one-third of children in the City of Newburgh who live in poverty. He frequently accuses the President of lacking compassion yet Governor Cuomo’s actions are nothing short of cold and calculating, particularly heartless during the holiday season.

“The new year will reset the legislative clock. I will be urging the Senate to quickly re-pass these two bills in early 2019 and take any and all actions necessary to see them enacted. Doing so would send an unmistakable message: at least the legislature is looking out for our students.”

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