Newburgh Could Approve Municipal ID’s

NEWBURGH – The lead organizer of the grassroots group Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson last Monday night urged the Newburgh City Council to adopt a municipal identification card program similar to those recently approved in the cities of Kingston, Poughkeepsie, Beacon and Middletown.

Ignacio Acevedo, a resident of Newburgh, implored council to approve the program.

“Right now with what’s going on in the federal government, people are scared,” Acevedo said. “People don’t want to come out of their homes and I know Newburgh has done a lot already; it passed legislation to make it a sanctuary city. They also did a resolution to support a driver’s license. I think this is the next step.”

City Corporation Counsel Michelle Kelson assured the city council she would have a local law prepared shortly for members to address. Mayor Torrance Harvey said he is confident the council will approve the law by unanimous vote.

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