Shakur is Running For Newburgh City Council

NEWBURGH – Omari Shakur, the outspoken community activist, is running for a Newburgh councilman-at-large slot in the November election.

He has the endorsement of the of the city’s Working Families Party. “We share many of the same values in the service of community,” Shakur said.

“For years, Omari Shakur has fought for equity, living wage jobs, decent, affordable housing and improving police community relations,” said Working Families Club member Alex Abelard. “Shakur has proven that he is dedicated to improving the lives of people like me, the low-income residents and hardworking families of Newburgh.”

“We wholeheartedly endorse Shakur for the Newburgh City Council,” said Anusha Mehar, WFP Newburgh Club member. “He brings a strong intention and willingness to work across dividing lines in Newburgh, in a way we haven’t seen in a long time. He is tenacious and consistent; time and again he shows up to the table to work for justice. We, in turn, are working closely with Shakur to develop thoughtful, strategic plans that reflect the voice of this city.

Together, we are committed to bridging gaps and bringing about real change that Newburgh deserves.”

The two at-large council seats are currently held by Anthony Grice and Hillary Rayford, both Democrats. Newly appointed Third Ward Councilman Robert Sklarz, also a Democrat, will also have to run in the fall.

Grice and Mayor Torrance Harvey, also a Democrat, have the Working Families Part backing as well.

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