Infanticide – It’s About Time to Draw the Line

How did our political leadership become so cold? We never thought that one political party or the other would stand up for the killing of live full – term births. This, known as infanticide, is becoming law in the state of New York and, recently, it narrowly failed codification in Virginia.

This situation will once again work its way to the Supreme Court. The 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe vs. Wade remains law of our land. We all accept it. But to bring a baby into the world and then kill it is too much for many of us.

Statistics on Black abortions is staggering. Dr. Ben Carson says it is the number one cause of death for Blacks. Breitbart publication claims that abortion is 61% of annual Black deaths.

Planned Parenthood claims that there are 250 thousand legal abortions per year attributed to Blacks. That is 30% of the total abortions while we are 12.6% of the total population. That is an astonishing reflection of our society. The new wave of leftist extremism by our Democratic Party is scarring many of us. Infanticide will be a political issue in the 2020 elections.

Perhaps a legacy of President Trump will be his appointment of federal judges. Abortion rights activists fear he will stack the courts with more conservative thinkers. That is the way of politics and elections do have consequences. 2020 will be one of the most pivotal elections in our history. Baby killing is a dirty business. No matter how you look at it. As Earth, Wind and Fire would sing: “A child is born with a heart of gold, but the ways of the world make its heart grow cold.” Bringing a baby to life and then instantly killing it eliminates all options. It is evil business any way you look at it. It certainly isn’t Christian.

There are many alternatives to murdering a newborn. Adoption agencies are a viable alternative to infanticide. There are hundreds of them that transfer unwanted children to loving parents. The practice is proven and should be the overwhelming preference versus murder. Right now, there is a mild form of Black genocide going on in this nation and we must atone. As Kenneth Craycraft writes: “People who advocate greater protection for unborn children must take seriously the kind of financial, familiar or personal hardships that drive a woman to seek a late-term elective abortion. Compassion and empathy, rather than judgement and condemnation, are the only proper attitudes to have toward such women.

Such advocates must also be willing to work for laws, regulations and economic policies that are more welcoming and supportive of children whose mothers cannot raise them, or who need assistance in doing so. Moreover, they must be willing to share the burden with personal time and wealth. And, indeed, that is the attitude and response of the broad swath of pro-life advocates.”

“But even absent those attitudes, it is impossible morally to justify the extent of the New York and proposed Virginia laws. Unplanned or unwanted pregnancies raise difficult and painful questions that everyone must be willing to address by concrete measures. But unlimited abortion of healthy, viable, full or near-full term babies is never the right answer in a civilized society.”

The above is so true. As the popular saying goes, “We can do better than this”. Right now, the courts are changing, and these changes will last for decades. It is our prayer that the evolving make-up will be kinder, gentler and more civilized entities that will protect our newborns with love and a chance to prevail in this challenging and sometimes heartless world.

We parents must instill in our children the proper form of child raising and prudent decision making. We must always err on the side of love and understanding. Nurture our children with uncompromising love and understanding. Follow the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ. In making this a better world, generations after us will reap many blessings and fortunes.
Let’s offer “healthy choices” for our confused children as they are faced with maternal and fraternal challenges. The amount of wasted opportunity in raising children via love and understanding has been too immense. The option of killing a newborn should be eliminated from the face of the earth.Death should never be considered an option.

Yes, a child is born with a heart of gold. Let’s nurture and provide a wonderful life for each newborn. All it takes is love and understanding. Love and faith will get us through the challenges. There is never a need to consider “cancelling” the chances of a newborn. The greatest advocate to ever walk this earth was born in a manger and penniless. God will see it through.

Mr. Alford is the Co-Founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®.

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