Newburgh to Ban Smoking in Outdoor Public Spaces

NEWBURGH – Effective this summer, smoking in outdoor places owned by the City of Newburgh will be prohibited. Violators of the new law could be subject to fines.

The ban is not meant as punishment or to prevent people who want to smoke to stop, but rather it is an issue of public health, said City Councilman Anthony Grice, who led the effort.

“It’s doesn’t tell people that you have to quit smoking, but what it just says in those public spaces where you are going to have children, you need to be mindful of it,” Grice said.

The city is teaming up with the group, POW’R Against Tobacco which will be providing the city with signage to remind city park-goers to refrain from smoking in those areas. POW’R stands for Putnam-Orange-Westchester-Rockland.

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