Smith Announces Candidacy for NY’s 18th CD

GOSHEN – Via a video release, Scott Smith of Goshen, NY, announced his candidacy for New York’s 18th Congressional District. He will be running as an independent candidate, but will also seek additional ballot lines. In the video the candidate describes himself as a “Foundationalist” after briefly discussing the inadequacies of the long list of common political monikers/brands.

He expressed his respect for his fellow Americans stating “I believe that the people are the foundation of our country, not the government, and as such I have faith in them.”
Further, he asked that voters consider him based on the principles and ideals that he carries into service, not on superficial factors.

Mr. Smith is married 24 years and has three children between the ages of 13 and 18. With the exception of his college years, he is a lifelong resident of the district.

During that time he has lived in Washingtonville, Middletown, and Goshen. Mr. Smith is a graduate of Washingtonville High School and has degrees from the College of St. Rose
in Albany, NY, and Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. He earned his NY State Teaching Certificate form PACE University. He has held jobs ranging from food service to construction to pharmaceutical research and development, and has been a Middle School Science Teacher for the past 16 years. Over the years he has been involved in youth sports in the region, coaching basketball and soccer. Additionally, the candidate has served in office locally, having been twice elected to the Middletown City Council as the 2nd Ward Alderman in 2009 and 2011.

Major focuses of the campaign will be education reform, immigration reform, and government reform/civic participation, as well as a return to the foundational principles and values that have served this country and her people well. The campaign will also adhere to the principles of truth, humility, duty, and brotherhood. In the coming months the campaign will put forth policy and legislative suggestions that exemplify the foundationalist philosophy.

More information regarding the campaign and the candidate can be found on the website

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