Violent Animal Cruelty Video Circulated

NEWBURGH – A video involving animal cruelty was circulated among students at South Middle School on Wednesday and that prompted Principal Dr. Lisa Buon to post a letter to families of students.

There may have been as many as three videos showing the killing of cats.

She said the video was not recorded on school grounds but “it contained contents that were disturbing to many students.”

Police and school officials are investigating to separate fact from rumor, said Buon.

“This incident may be upsetting for your child(ren),” she wrote. “Your child(ren) may have questions or wish to express their emotions if they viewed the video or heard about its contents. According to the age and level of understanding, answer your child’s questions honestly. Try to be sensitive to their desire to communicate, while listening to and accepting their feelings.”

School officials have not released the video and the specific contents are unknown; however, one source said the suspect, believed to be a middle school student, was said to have tied a rope around a cat’s neck, swung it around and smashed the animal into a wall, killing it.

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