$3.47B in Lottery Profits Aid in Education

The New York State Gaming Commission’s Lottery and Video Lottery operations has reinforced their collective standing as North America’s largest and most profitable Lottery businesses by becoming the first to break $10 billion in combined sales and net win for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019. Combined, the record-breaking earnings generated $3.47 billion in Lottery Aid to Education which accounts for 13 percent of all New York State School Aid disbursed in FY2018-2019.

Fiscal year sales of traditional Lottery games, comprised of in-state draw games, multi-state games, and instant scratch-off tickets, totaled more than $8.2 billion. The total makes New York’s state-administered lottery the 7th most profitable in the world, surpassed only by the two National Lotteries of China, and those of Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom. Video lottery gaming net win (proceeds after all prizes have been paid) amounted to more than $2.08 billion during the same period, besting all other American video lottery gaming operations and is third behind two Italian independent operators.

“New York’s long history of increasing earnings for New York’s public K-12 schools is a direct result of sound business planning, mature and responsible stewardship of our lottery and video lottery products, and a fundamental continuous improvement effort,” said Commission Acting Executive Director Robert Williams.

In addition to fulfilling their primary mission of raising revenue to support education, the Commission’s Lottery and Video Lottery Gaming operations also generated significant revenue for New York businesses – large and small – during FY 2018-2019. Licensed Lottery retailers earned $492 million in commissions and video lottery gaming operators netted $964 million during the same 12-month period.

New York’s Gaming Commission is one of eight gaming jurisdictions in North America to earn the global gaming industry’s highest level of achievement – Level 4 Certification – from the World Lottery Association. The accreditation recognizes the Commission for incorporating responsible gaming principles into its everyday business practices and its commitment to continuous improvement.

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