Poughkeepsie Pays Tribute to its Champions

POUGHKEEPSIE – The Poughkeepsie High School Boys Varsity Basketball team and two Girls Varsity Crew boat teams were honored for capturing state championships on Friday in Poughkeepsie. The parade honoring the basketball team had been postponed several times over the past few months due to weather but finally made its way down Main Street with bright skies.

Mayor Rob Rolison said that delays ended up working to the city’s benefit because the crew teams who just captured their championship were also able to be honored.

School Board President Dr. Felicia Watson was nothing short of ecstatic as she handed out noisemakers prior to the start of the parade.

“This is not just about a state championship but it’s bringing our city together in a concerted way,” Watson said. “This is a historic event. Never, I believe in the history of the City of Poughkeepsie, have we had two state champion teams from the same school in a parade in the City of Poughkeepsie. We’re super excited!”

Watson acknowledged the work that Rolison has done to make the parade a reality saying “Kudos to our mayor, Rob Rolison.”

The basketball team was transported down Main Street on a flatbed trailer provided by Arnoff Moving and Storage. The crew team followed on a flatbed provided by Dingee’s Towing.

The parade was led by Poughkeepsie Police Sergeant Bill Badner of the traffic division. The Poughkeepsie Fire Department staged their reserve tower-ladder truck at the intersection of Main and Market Streets, raised the ladder high in the air, and two firefighters dropped confetti on the honorees as the floats made their turn from Main onto Market Street en route to City Hall.

As confetti fell from the sky, city resident Matt Whalen, who was delayed in traffic said “I don’t mind waiting for a few minutes. Mayor Rolison is doing a good thing by honoring the teams.” At City Hall, the teams were recognized before proceeding to the First Friday celebration being held at Mansion Square Park.

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