San Miguel Next Step Ceremony First-of-its-Kind

NEWBURGH – San Miguel Academy of Newburgh, the 12-year human services and education program that begins with at-risk middle school boys, working with them through all phases of the education process for high school and college, held a triple graduation ceremony for its graduates on June 6.

The moving, first-of-its-kind ceremony for the Hudson Valley, and perhaps New York and the country, honored the first and second class of the middle school’s graduates to have completed their 12-year education journey. San Miguel has a 96% high school graduation rate, compared to 70% in Newburgh that drops to 63% for economically disadvantaged, the same cohort as the school’s population. San Miguel held this extraordinary ceremony to both emphasize the pride it takes in its students at every step of the way and to inspire the greater Newburgh community to overcome challenges and break the cycle of poverty through education.

The students of San Miguel Academy truly defy the odds stacked against them and the school is currently accepting applications for its next fifth grade class.

The Next Step ceremony honored graduates from many local and boarding schools including Excelsior Academy and Newburgh Free Academy, both in Newburgh, NY; The Mount Academy, Esopus, NY; the Harvey School, Katonah, NY; Fordham Preparatory, Bronx, NY; Marvelwood, Kent, CT; Canterbury School, New Milford, CT; Church Farm School, Exton, PA and Blue Ridge School, Saint George, VA;

Students have graduated from Mount Saint Mary’s in Newburgh and Fairfield University in Connecticut. Graduates are employed fields as varied as accounting (one at Mobile Life Support in Newburgh), minor league baseball and the legal profession.

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