Wynton Marsalis: Jazz for Justice

On June 14th Hudson Link had an incredible opportunity: to watch as Grammy-winning jazz legend Wynton Marsalis performed a benefit concert in support of Hudson Link. This project was hosted by friends at Church of the Heavenly Rest to welcome Mr. Marsalis to the city where he played the trumpet under Michael Pendry’s beautiful art installation, “Les Colombes.” Two thousand origami paper doves – many folded by Hudson Link alumni at its 2018 holiday party hosted by Church of the Heavenly Rest – soar over the nave carrying messages of release and the meaning of freedom.

Mr. Marsalis and his accompanists play for a full house.
Mr. Marsalis and his accompanists play for a full house.

With almost 900 guests present to hear the celestial music and contribute to a worthy cause – and over $20,000 raised to support the college and pre-college programming – this was certainly a night to remember. The party continued after the concert when Mr. Marsalis stayed to meet and greet the Hudson Link alumni in attendance.

“We cannot fully express our gratitude to our friends at Church of the Heavenly Rest, as well as Wynton Marsalis and his team of unbelievably talented musicians, for this incredible opportunity. This was a unique and beautiful evening, and we know the message of our program and our organization reached a number of new faces. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to more exciting events in the future.”

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