Skoufis Hosts Faith Leaders Roundtable

NEWBURGH – Senator James Skoufis (D-Hudson Valley) and Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson (D-Newburgh) hosted a roundtable meeting for leaders of faith-based organizations in the City of Newburgh to discuss legislative priorities and local concerns. Over 20 leaders of several congregations and faiths in the area joined the State officials.

At the meeting, they discussed topics ranging from criminal justice to housing reform, and introduced their offices’ constituent representatives and community outreach plans. Skoufis and Jacobson outlined the services their offices can provide to the residents of Newburgh and highlighted key programs coming to Newburgh including SNUG, an anti-violence program, and a pre-apprenticeship workforce development program.

“Faith leaders have a pivotal role in our community and can provide a distinct voice for their congregants,”said Senator Skoufis. “It is imperative that our community’s leaders stand together and have an open dialogue, which is why I was delighted to host this roundtable discussion of the 2019 legislative session and what major issues our communities are facing. I look forward to putting today’s conversation into action and continuing to advocate for Newburgh in Albany alongside Assemblyman Jacobson.”

Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson said, “It was good to meet with faith leaders in the City of Newburgh to hear their most pressing concerns and to review the many bills we passed in Albany this year. Since I am a resident of Newburgh and served on the City Council, I enjoyed seeing many longtime friends and meeting new clergy. Our houses of worship are an important part of the fabric of the City and serve an important role in the lives of our citizens. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them as we work to improve the lives of Newburgh residents.”

Since both were elected to their new positions, Skoufis and Jacobson have been working together to deliver fairness and equity for the people of Newburgh. Earlier this month, they stood with environmental activists to call on the DOH to implement stricter water standards, and merely days later, DOH agreed. Earlier this year, Skoufis and Jacobson introduced a bill to provide a tax waiver to the Newburgh School District, saving Newburgh taxpayers $12.5 million, and in June, the Governor signed the bill into law.

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