Senator Charles Schumer Blasts Trump Administration

WASHINGTON, DC – The administration’s decision to reprogram $3.6 billion intended for military construction projects to instead build the president’s “misguided” southern border wall was strongly criticized by Senator Charles Schumer (D, NY).

The Senate Democratic majority leader said the funding shift would delay “critical” construction and maintenance projects including at West Point. “This decision will harm already planned, important projects intended to support our service members at military installations in New York, across the United States, and around the world.”

The senator said it is “a slap in the face to the members of the Armed Forces who serve our country that President Trump is willing to cannibalize already allocated military funding to boost his own ego and for a wall he promised Mexico would pay to build.”

Schumer said the president “is trying to usurp Congress’ exclusive power of the purse and loot vital funds from our military.” He said Congress will “strongly oppose any funds for new wall construction.”

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