Voting for Virginia Scott on Election Day – “Protect Cornwall”

Dear Editor:

I am putting my support behind Virginia Scott and voting for her on election day.
Scott is a longtime resident of Cornwall and will serve the interests of Cornwall. She has demonstrated her dedication to our community through her volunteer work to help improve the appearance of our Main Street. She will work to support our local business owners and economic development opportunities with a fair and balanced approach. She will listen, research and advocate for legislation and programs that will enhance the well-being of our community. Every member of our community is valued and she will actively support programs to improve the lives of seniors, veterans, our youth and their families.

She understands the needs of residents who struggle to make ends meet. She will work to find solutions to reduce our tax burden including examining expenses and reaching out to our county and state officials to address property taxes. It is vital to improve the affordability of living in Cornwall. Virginia also understands that municipalities should not function in isolation. It is clear that the decisions that neighboring municipalities make involving development and infrastructure will impact our community as well. She will work with the Town Board to enforce our Comprehensive Plan. She will put the needs of Cornwall first and will work responsibly to ensure the sustainability of the place we all call home.

Vote for Virginia Scott “Protect Cornwall”

Barbara Smith

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