New Students Welcomed Into the Medici Program

MONTGOMERY – A new group of Mount Saint Mary College students were welcomed into the Walden Savings Bank Medici Program at a reception held in October. The students were the fifth group inducted into the prestigious program since its inception in 2015.

The students taking part are: Jose Colotlauateco, Alexander Perlak, Emily Quinn, Kathrine Smith, Mark Oslen, Nichole Driebach, Patrice Polo and Robber Lawless.

The Walden Savings Bank Medici Program is a collaborative program that introduces undergraduate business and accounting students to the world of nonprofits in the arts and social services. The competitive program is available to eight undergraduate business or accounting students each year.

“It is vital to our students’ success that we, as a college, engage with community partners,” said Dr. Jason N. Adsit, President of Mount Saint Mary College. “It is our responsibility to not only prepare our students academically but to teach them leadership skills and how to be socially responsible citizens. This program checks all of those boxes. We are thankful for the generous support from Walden Savings Bank.”

Walden Savings Bank’s endowed gift will allow Mount Saint Mary College to meet the financial needs of the program, including transportation and meeting costs as well as expenses incurred from program-related events on campus.

“As a community bank, we recognize the importance of preparing our young people to be future leaders,” said Walden Savings Bank President and CEO, Derrik R. Wynkoop. “The Medici Program provides us with a unique opportunity to support both the participating students who gain invaluable experience as well as the involved non-profit organizations that benefit from needed assistance. We are thrilled to play a role in this exceptional program.”

At the reception, held at Walden Savings Bank’s headquarters in Montgomery, the students were introduced to the leader of the nonprofit organization taking part in this year’s program, Safe Harbors of the Hudson.

“Safe Harbors welcomes this opportunity to engage young adults and help prepare them to be leaders in their communities. This program aligns with our goal of creating an inclusive community by engaging local students who will assist with a community focused event,” said Lisa Silverstone, Executive Director of Safe Harbors of the Hudson. “We hope our young Medici partners will be inspired to work with and/or serve on the boards of local non-profit organizations during their professional careers.”

Medici Scholars will gain hands-on experience; learning how to plan and execute Safe Harbors’ annual Community Clean-up. Safe Harbors leaders expect students to make a significant contribution by providing a fresh perspective and offering new ideas which can strengthen the event. Additionally, Medici Scholars Program students will have several opportunities to observe the Safe Harbors Board of Directors meetings; learning how non-profit leaders set strategic priorities, manage budget issues, and work together to further the organization’s mission.

At the conclusion of the annual program, students will deliver a presentation to Walden Savings Bank’s leadership and board of directors. The presentation will review the students’ experiences, including what they learned and how they hope to apply it to their careers following graduation.

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