Ulster Human Rights Commissioner is Named

KINGSTON – County Executive Patrick K. Ryan announced recently the appointment of Tyrone Wilson to be Human Rights Commissioner. Wilson is the previous Executive Director of Harambee and has dedicated his career to working in the community to improve the quality of life for Ulster County residents.

“Tyrone will play a critical role in fulfilling Ulster County’s commitment to ensure justice for all residents,” County Executive Ryan said. “Tyrone’s extensive work and leadership in the community make him a true asset to Team Ulster County. I am looking forward to working with Tyrone to make Ulster County a place where everyone feels welcome and supported.”

“My journey of public service continues with my acceptance of the responsibilities of this position,” said Tyrone Wilson. “I am excited about participating in the team effort that was clearly outlined by County Executive Pat Ryan. It is my pleasure to continue to build a united Ulster County. I will be making an effort to ensure Human Rights for all Ulster County residents are respected.”

“Tyrone Wilson has had his hand on the heartbeat of the community,” said Nina Dawson, Ulster County Youth Bureau Director and former Human Rights Commissioner. “He has worked in collaboration with several organizations to uplift the community as a whole. I am very excited to have him here at the County to work collectively with myself and others towards the goals outlined by our County Executive Pat Ryan.”

“Tyrone Wilson is one of Kingston’s most prominent and active community members,” said Frank Waters, Executive Director of Kingston Midtown Rising. “I’ve worked with him over the years and watched his dedication, passion and leadership for helping individuals and our community as a whole. His new position as the Commissioner of Human Rights is a perfect role for him as he is honest, fair and effective with everything does.”

“Tyrone Wilson never ceases to show up with love and support while also boldly saying what needs to be said making sure voices that often go unheard are heard,” said Micah Blumenthal, Worker Trustee at the Good Work Institute. “This is exactly what is needed on the Human Rights Commission – people who are willing to ensure that the rights of others, are upheld with dignity.”

As the Executive Director of Harambee, Wilson utilized his life experiences to show youth how to cope productively while facing life’s challenges. During his time with Harambee, Wilson presented Ulster County with one of the first event-filled calendars for Black History Month. Wilson currently serves on the Restorative Justice Task Force and previously served as a Youth Division Aide at OCFS Highland Residential Facility.

The mission of the Human Rights Commission exists to foster respect for the rights of all people and to explore opportunities for improving relations among all people of Ulster County.
This appointment is subject to confirmation by the Ulster County Legislature.

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