Pan-African Flag Raised on the Foot of Broadway

NEWBURGH – In recognition of the end of Black History Month, the City of Newburgh raised the Pan-African flag on their flagstaff at the foot of Broadway, Wednesday afternoon.

The Pan African flag has three colors, each representing a specific meaning regarding black liberation. The red represents the bloodshed in efforts of liberation, the black represents the unification of black culture and the green represents the fertile land of Africa.

Newburgh Councilman Omari Shakur, who facilitated the flag ceremony, said it’s an important reminder of the struggles African Americans have faced in the U.S.

“That’s what this is about. Our ancestors died for us to be here today to fly our flag and this is a tribute to our ancestors,” said Shakur.

Newburgh Youth Advisory Council Chairwoman Shandra James said she hopes having this display of black history prominently displayed in the city will help encourage and inspire the city’s black youths.

“This is needed. This will give us a breath of fresh air and it will show our youth that we are trying to unify ourselves and actually do the right thing, so this is definitely needed,” said James. “I can’t wait for the youth to see what happens and hopefully it will give them that boost of energy to really want to do something in their community,” she said.

The flag will fly until Saturday at 6 p.m., the last day of Black History Month.

Shakur said in the following years, the city is planning to have the flag displayed for the entire month of February.

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