Brescia Kicks Off NY State Senate Campaign

PINE BUSH – Orange County Legislature Chairman and Montgomery Village Mayor Stephen Brescia, Sunday, launched his campaign for the 39th State Senate District.

The Republican will challenge first-term Democrat James Skoufis.

Brescia and several of his supporters who spoke said the one-party state government, controlled by Democrats, is killing the state with overspending and most recently, criminal justice reforms, the worst of which they said was bail reform.

Two years ago, Skoufis captured the post held for decades by the late Republican William Larkin.

Brescia told his room full of supporters in Pine Bush that he wants to continue in Larkin’s footsteps.

“I just hope that I can continue some of that legacy in Albany. It certainly was not there in the last year and two months,” he said.

Brescia said it was bail reform that let a level three sex offender go free without bail in New Windsor last week. “People are fed up. Remember the movie Network. ‘I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore?’ That’s what I’m hearing and that’s what I’m hearing, people,” Brescia said.

The 39th State Senate District includes a portion of southern Ulster County, eastern Orange County and a portion of north Rockland County.

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