State of Emergency – What’s Really Going On?

“Mother, Mother, Mother, there’s far too many of us crying! Brother, Brother, Brother, There’s far too many of us dying!” What’s really going on? Corona Virus! It’s here, it’s there, it’s everywhere! Lord have mercy! We have a “State of Emergency” going on and the real scary part of this is that we have no idea when this is going to end.

I find this to be quite amazing being that this is going on at the same time that the “Census” is going on and also in the year that the 2020 Presidential election is going on. WOW!
Could these ongoing and upcoming events have any connection to what’s “REALLY” going on here? I do not know, do you? Give some “REAL SERIOUS” thought to “What’s Really Going On!”

The “Census” count and the upcoming Presidential election outcome will determine the direction that this country will be heading and whose direction it will “REALLY” be heading in. Give some real “SERIOUS” thought to this. “Stand and be Counted” could really be affected by this “CORONAVIRUS” because many people may be afraid to allow anyone into their houses or apartments. Hopefully, there will be a large online participation in the Census Count. WOW!

This “CORONAVIRUS” issue will most definitely affect the upcoming Presidential election.
Who do you think will be affected the most? Who do you feel will be the beneficiaries of it?
Give some real “SERIOUS” thought to this for the very quality of our lives will most definitely be affected by this. I find it to be quite amazing that the very one that we can cry out to has been eliminated from being mentioned at our City Council meetings. What’s up Newburgh??? Who are you going to call on for help to get us through this most significant troubled emergency?

COVID-19 is here, therefore we “ALL” must gird up our loins and be very careful. May GOD have mercy on our world. May we “ALL” realize just how “SERIOUS” this is and realize that prayer is most definitely needed. We cannot allow “racism”, hatred, or any other negative thoughts to invade our minds because this “CORONAVIRUS” can affect “ALL” of us. It matters not what race or what color one may be. WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

Please recognize this and realize that we are “ALL” connected. We are “ALL” facing this giant monster, therefore let us lift up our prayers realizing that we are most definitely in a “STATE of EMERGENCY!” Let us break down the walls of division and stand together realizing that sincere prayer can and will undergird us with the strength that we “ALL” need to get us through this “STATE of Emergency” and realize what’s “REALLY” going on!

Scripture tells us, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.( 2nd CHRONICLES 7:14) YES! YES! YES!
Former Councilwoman Hillary Rayford “ALWAYS” quoted this scripture at the end of the city council meetings.

This is “Lillie’s Point Of View” and I’m just having my say.

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