Where is All of this Coronavirus Heading and Why?

While watching television all of this week and seeing this madness unfolding re: the “Corona Virus”, I found myself becoming very disoriented.

Why? Because I am 80 years old and Senior Citizens were mentioned as being the most vulnerable re: this virus. Then I found myself doing some very intense thinking re: this. How? Why?

How is it possible, at this particular point and time, is this happening, and most of all why is it happening? Many thoughts are running through my mind re: those two questions, and for some particular point and reason, I find myself thinking about the upcoming 2020 Presidential election. Wow! Could it be possible that this is the reason why all of this madness is going on? Truthfully, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was.

I would most definitely understand why some people would think that I’m out of my mind for even thinking in this way. But to that I must ask “why not?”

The way that things have been going on throughout these past years, as it pertains to politics, nothing could and would surprise me. Washington is a city of spectacles and this past presidential election was a perfect example of that hard core reality.

Fasten your seat belt, because what we are going to see happening in the upcoming months, is really going to be very mind-blowing. Lord have mercy!

One of the major issues is going to be who is President elect Biden going to choose to be his running mate? Will it be an African-American female? If not, why not? If so, who will it be?

We also have to realize that Vice President Biden is not a young man, therefore the possibility of his Vice Presidential running mate, at some particular point and time, may have to step up into his seat. WOW! An African-American female in that seat is mind blowing.

Even the very thought of it though is stirring around in many minds. Wow! Could that be the the real reason why there is such chaos going on throughout the country? I’m quite sure that it is! The very thought of that possibility is causing some folks to have significant nightmares. Wow!

Let me share with you an excerpt from “Why We Can’t Wait” which is a book about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “But for a symphony and our freedom to be complete, there has to be a fourth movement. Even with the right to vote and access to public facilities, it is still possible to be jobless, homeless and hungry. This fourth movement is the battle to provide greater access to capital and economic power to underserved America. All of underserved America.

Black America, White America, Brown America, Red America. Now that we have ended legal apartheid, it is time to tear down the economic partition.”

Can you imagine what the “Right” African American woman would bring to this country as its leader? During slavery she had babies of all colors nursing from her breast. Her heart is for “All” of America’s children. Could this be the reason why there is such turmoil going on prior to this upcoming election?

Fasten your seat belts because there is no telling what else is going to happen prior to this upcoming presidential election. Only time will tell.

Let me end this week’s column with a prayer:” Dear Heavenly Father, I’m coming before your throne in the name of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. This “Corona Virus” I rebuke in the name of Jesus. Lord, let your wisdom lead and guide us to the place that you desire for us to be. In your Word, you told us that you leave us another commandment and that is that we should love one another. Lord, please let that become our reality! Bless the Lord oh our soul and “ALL” that’s within us, bless His holy name! Yes! Yes! Yes!

This is “Lillie’s Point of View” and I”m just having my say! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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